Plastic Surgery of the Breasts

Breast Surgery Tijuana

Breast enhancement surgery in Tijuana helps women make lasting change to not only their appearance — but also their state of mind. Have you been contemplating breast surgery? Our BM Plastic Surgery patients feel satisfied and now thoroughly adore their image and feel comfortable in their own bodies.

BM Plastic Surgery’s lead surgeon, Dr. Balza Mirabal, can enlarge breast size safely and effectively while ensuring that results are beautifully smooth and natural-looking. Women who desire a more voluptuous, symmetrical, or firm breasts are invited to visit our Tijuana practice — only 25 minutes from San Diego, California.

Dr. Balza Mirabal understands that plastic surgery for the breasts can be a sensitive topic of discussion for many women, and she is confident that you will always feel comfortable and at ease in their personalized care.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation for women not only increases their breast size — but also boosts confidence and power to lead the most enjoyable lifestyle. Our highly-skilled surgeon holds over 15 years of surgical experience, and is nationally and internationally recognized for hier pioneering contributions in the field of plastic surgery. Breast augmentation at BM Plastic Surgery in Tijuana can dramatically improve the appearance of a woman’s breasts. Connect with us to learn more about your options for creating your ideal breast appearance, including size, material, position, and surgical method.

Dr. Isabel Balza Mirabal is proud to offer new cohesive silicone gel implants to breast enhancement patients at BM Plastic Surgery. Unlike traditional silicone or saline fillers which may leak into the body if the implant is ruptured, cohesive gel implants resist integration into the system. While cohesive silicone gel implants are not yet available in the United States, doctors in other parts of the world, including Mexico and Brazil, have used them with great success for years.

Breast Lift

How long has it been since you admired the appearance of your breasts? Are your breasts fully contoured, showcasing a perk-youthful presence? Or have you helplessly watched your breasts lose volume and shape over the years? Age, significant weight loss, and giving birth considerably affect skin laxity and breast structure. Our top breast surgeons at BM Plastic Surgery work hard to create a breast lift result that helps you recapture the breast shape and firmness you once exceedingly loved.

Breast Reduction

While many our patients are seeking larger, fuller breasts — we also cater to women who are living life with awkwardly large breasts. Are you experiencing shoulder and neck pain, having difficulty exercising, or simply uncomfortable in your own skin? Overly large breasts can not only affect your overall physical structure, it can also wreak havoc on your everyday life. The leading plastic surgery clinic in Tijuana offers breast reduction to create an elegantly reshaped appearance that offers support using your own tissue. Our advanced laser-technology minimizes bleeding and allow our expert team of surgeons to work precisely — creating a beautiful, natural-looking silhouette — without the everyday pain.

Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a medical condition affecting thousands of men across the globe. Do you suffer from enlarged breast tissue that is permanent, uncomfortable, and socially awkward? Rest assure, the leading plastic surgery clinic in Tijuana offers male breast reduction surgery. Gynecomastia is primarily caused by fatty tissue. Liposuction surgery can remove these unwanted localized deposits of fat cells. With the artistry and skill-set of our plastic surgeon, male breast reduction surgery will mold bulging breasts into more attractive contours.

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