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Testimonial Brazilian Butt Lift

Patient Dana Dodd:  I never dreamt I would have plastic surgery in TJ but after getting many consults in CA, FL, DR and TJ I chose Dr Balza and I am so happy I did. She is nothing short of AMAZING. I got lipo 360, chin lipo arm and thigh lipo, BBL, nasiolabial fold vaginal and marinette line fat grafting. She did an amazing job and continued to follow up with me on a daily basis even after I returned home. I want everybody I know to go see Dr B!! The CER hospital where she works is very modern and clean. I received great care from hospital staff as well. I recovered at the Eureka medical recover home it was as AMAZING as Dr B… Fabulous care, fabulous ocean view and nutrititious fresh food. Linda and her staff Priscilla and Yadira are very genuine caring work around the clock for you kind of ladies. Linda from Eureka picked me up at SD airport, took me to the hospital for surgery ,picked me up after surgery and after my procedure took me back to SD airport.. I felt like I never left the US !! Icould not have asked for a better experience with both Dr.B and at Eureka. I thought I only wanted 1 procedure, but these ladies impressed me so much that I am beginning to contemplate having more done because it was such an amazing experience!! I highly recommend both Dr Balza and Eureka medical recovery house.

Patient Darla Martinez: Theres a lot of stigma about plastic surgery in Tijuana but I had lipo and a BBL by Dr. Balza and Im so glad I did. I considered surgeons in San Diego and did not connect with any, so I looked in to surgeons in Tijuana and found Dr. Balza. I loved her work and felt it was along side of what I wanted so I did some research on her and found that she is an MD, board certified surgeon, & has +15 years of experience.I e-mailed her lovely coordinator Fatimeh and she helped me set up both an online consultation and an in person consult so that I could get all my questions answered.

In person, I went over what I wanted and Dr.Balza explained to me what the surgery procedure would be like; she definitely is professional and knowledgable so if she makes a recommendation….DO IT. I went in a know it all but I’m so glad I told her last minute to do whatever she saw fit for my body. I woke up super happy that I trusted her to make the call on the amount of CC’s I had put in and even though I’m only 2 weeks out from surgery, I’m very happy with my results.
Post Op, Dr. Balza gave me her personal phone number and was in touch with me everyday after my surgery. She even face timed me when I had questions regarding post op care. She genuinely cares about her patients and sees to it that they have an enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend Balza to friends and family.

Testimonial for Mommy Makeover

ALICIA PEREZ TLELO: It was amazing, I had my surgery yesterday which included liposuction to waist and back with fat transfer to my butt and extended tummy tuck with breast lift and augmentation, and her and her office assistant prepped me the whole time letting me know this is not meant to be a hi and bye. I was only going to stay 2 days but am so glad I’m staying 5 days after. Her assistant Lupe is so supportive checking on me constantly. Made transportation arrangements from the airport Gabe me options of hotels close to the hospital. I was so nervous at first being in Tijuana but am so glad I choose her. The staff at the hospital were amazingly knowledgeable and friendly waiting on me hand and foot and taught my husband how to take care of me after I leave the hospital. Dr Balza has been available as her assistant Lupe I will never forget this experience.

Hanna: Thank you Dr. Balza, she is amazing along with her office assistant Lupita. They walked me through the whole thing hand in hand, letting me know what to expect healing wise and I could reach them anytime of the day with fast response. The recovery was not what I expected, it hurt so bad and I thought I would be back to work feeling great after 10 days. That was not the case. Please give yourself at least 3 weeks or more if you can to recover. That’s what they recommended, I didn’t listen. I’m now home recovering and am so happy with my results. She did an amazing job. They help coordinate hotels pick up from airport everything. I highly recommend Dr Balza.

Alicia Moreno: She’s the best !!! i got lipo tummy neck and booty !!!! i had my hole body done by Dr. Balza and she gave me great results all 3 times that she did surgery on me ! i live in Bakersfield and drove out to Tijuana wasn’t scared on bit i trusted her .

Testimonial for Tummy Tuck + Liposuction

TANIA MARTINEZ: Dr Balza is amazing …Her work is one of a kind she’s done a great job with my tummy tuck and body sculpting Before my surgery my abdomen was horrible but now it’s the best it’s ever looked I’m truly grateful to Doctora Balza love her thanks for the new me. My experience was the best love Her! I had a tummy tuck, brazilian but lift and liposuction last year with her and all I could say is wow what an amazing job she did I love my new me I am so happy with my results I have never looked so good thank you so much Doctora Balza!! She is such a caring person calling me everyday making sure I was good we also became real close friends she is a terrific person i am going back for more surgeries my transformation is not done yet and she will be there enhancing and beautifying me love you Doctora Balza.

DINA BAYLOR: Dr. Balza is so nice, I emailed her like 1000 times before surgery, and she answered all my questions. I met her on the day of surgery she is so pretty and nice, she made me feel comfortable. She came to see me both mornings while in the hospital and she came to the recovery house to see me twice, I didn’t have to go to her office. I will go back to her for any other plastic surgery that I might need.

PAOLA SIMMONS: Dra. Balza is one in 10 million. I was in touch with her (not her staff) from the time I made my first call back in November, we stayed in touch for months and after my surgery she called me every day for the first weeks. Her work is amazing she truly cares for her patients!!!!!

Tracey Hobbs: I haven’t actually met Dra Balza yet but we have exchanged emails. I picked her out of 6 other doctors because of her professionalism and her knowledge of cosmetic surgery.

Testimonial for Thigh Lift + Liposuction

SWEETHELDA CASTRO: Dr Balza communicated with me very well throughout the whole consultation process leading LLC the way up to today which is my surgery day. She is sweet, very approachable, and very easy to talk to. I just had surgery this morning and I just got out of the recovery room about an hour ago. I was nervous going in to the operating room but I don’t remember anything as soon as Dr. Vanessa the anesthesiologist told me she was going to give me some “tequila” in my IV to keep me calm so she could put in the epidural. But I don’t even remember her putting in the epidural which is great, Because I know how much epidurals usually hurt going in initially, but I didn’t feel a thing. Dr. Vanessa was awesome that anesthesiologist. Dr. Balza’s hospital staff are all so awesome; they were all sweet and made me feel comfortable even though I was a nervous wreck coming here. I just ode an Uber to he boarder be took a $5 taxi from the border to the hospital. I will add photos once I get a chance. But for now, this is my current photo. I have a catheter for my urine and I have no drains, which is awesome.

Testimonial for Breast Lift

DAISY CORTEZ: DR BALZA SHE’S AN ANGEL??? I never took to implants. I had 2 procedures and both times my left breast encapsulated. I had serious doubts about how I would look explanted but I took the chance and had the whole mommy makeover that included a lift. I did preoperative hypnosis to reduce anxiety. Her team was all women, the nurses were fabulous. I had somewhat of a twilight sedation with a spinal block. The Anesthesiologist was THE BEST. They are both board certified, there is a website you can find this out. My post op nurses were men that were very gentle, attentive and wonderful. I had a private room at CER hospital and the chicken soup was amazing!!! I was sore obviously and am walking around better 2 days after. My limit on pictures is up but also want to note that EVERYTHING was soooo clean!! Sorry I’m rambling I just cannot say enough. I came home with antibiotics, disinfection spray, pain med was tramadol that I only use at night. I also got blood thinner shots to have daily. I RECOMMEND her wholeheartedly. Her Coordinator LUPE was also very lovely and attentive.

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